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What my clients say

Yoga at Home

Michelle, Author

My husband and I have known Wesley for more than 30 years. He is a very good listener, very patient and compassionate. He helped my husband by encouraging him to start his own business many years ago. My husband took lots of advice from him and eventually went on to build a very successful business in the Financial Services sector.

Happy Man

Altamot, Actor & Singer

I have known Wesley for many years since we were teenagers.He is a remarkable man and has achieved many things in his life.His book which will soon be published is inspirational and he has helped me to get my life back on track.I lost my way mentally and emotionally. He helped me to believe in myself again.I am an actor and he has found me an agent, one of the best inLondon, a chance meeting on a train. No such thing. He has a spiritual quality. I am now working and also helping others.Getting back in touch with him after 30 years and having sessions with him have been invaluable to my journey and the progression in my life.It has been enriching, I feel positive and able to deal with life'sups and downs in a more positive way.If you have the opportunity to work with him grasp it with both hands.

Valerie, International Examiner & Linguist

I have known Wesley for about 6 years. He is a very good listener and an experienced counsellor, life coach and mentor. He helped me with a number of relationship issues and also with advice on bereavement. We had a number of sessions where I would relax and discuss my many issues I had with him.He gave me sound advice and it has helped me a great deal. My doubts about my relationship are now more positive and he has given me the confidence to take things forward with a much more relaxed approach. I would happily recommend his services.

Roy, Postman

I have been having counselling with Wesley since May 2019Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Our sessions have helped me through a very difficult time. They've made me able to address my anxieties and look forward with confidence. You've given both practical and emotional advice that will stay with me for life. While very professional you have been warm and friendly at all times. Never judging but honest and straight talking. Thank you again.

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