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'Build confidence and work on developing your inner self.'

'Obtain the inner confidence and mind-set to be forthright in your goals and dreams.'

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I have been coaching, counselling and mentoring people for many years.


My motivational book which will be published this year focuses on the mind
body and spirit genre, and if we work together I will read you sample
chapters and give you homework to do from it.

In my testimonials it shows I have worked with a diverse background of individuals from a postman, an admin assistant to high profile business men and women, governments and individuals from all walks of life.


With my wealth of experience, my aim is to help others to achieve their goals and ambitions for a better and happier life.


I am the President of one of the most powerful diplomatic associations in the world.

My role is to bring together some of the most influential people in business with those within government and diplomatic communities globally.

Creating business, tourism, trade and relationships worldwide.

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